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About Tracy

Learn more about Tracy as a performer, teacher, and musician.

Violin Lessons

Learn to play violin! In-person and online lessons are both available.

Event Bookings

Book music for weddings, funerals, or other events.

Sheet Music

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Weddings, Funerals, and Events

I am able to provide live music for weddings, funerals, holiday gatherings, or other events in the greater Salt Lake City area, including Utah and Davis counties. For large or upbeat settings, I play over a backing track. For small or quiet settings, I play solo and unaccompanied. I am able to play almost any song in a variety of genres, and welcome custom requests.

Free music services are given for the funerals of children ages 7 and under, mothers who passed from childbirth, elementary school classroom visits, church worship, and devotionals about Christ.

Event bookings are subject to the availability of my schedule, so contact me today for a quote!



"Absolutely beautiful...You are so talented"

"I am moved to tears"

"Thank really brings me so much peace"

"Thank you so much! You are welcome back anytime!"

"We loved having you here!"

"So beautiful!"

"I love it so much"

"It is wonderful...I love to listen to it"

"It sounds awesome"

"She is a gifted violinist"

Private Violin Lessons


No prior experience is necessary! I will tailor lessons to cater to your goals and needs. I bring my many years of experience as a youth symphony director, performer, public school teacher, private teacher, and orchestra playing to deliver the best student experience to YOU! Depending on a student's goals and learning style, I teach using a special blend of Suzuki and traditional methods to efficiently achieve results. My students are grounded in a solid foundation of playing technique, but I also teach a well-rounded and comprehensive music education that includes note reading, music theory, ear training, music history, and artistic expression of feeling. I am able to teach all levels of violin from advanced to absolute beginner. If your goal is to study music in university, I am also able to prepare you for auditions and music entrance exams. All ages are accepted from 5+ to adult.

I believe that quality music education can benefit everyone. Learning an instrument helps people develop valuable qualities such as confidence, diligence, physical coordination, and mental intelligence, not to mention the cultivation of a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music. I have helped many students achieve levels of violin playing that they did not know were possible or that they thought were only a dream. I am excited to see what I can do for you! Contact me to set up a trial lesson for $30. After that, decide if you want to take weekly lessons.

30-minute lessons: $120 per month
45-minute lessons: $180 per month
60-minute lessons: $240 per month



I started teaching online lessons in 2017. Online lessons can be a great option for those who live in remote places or have other reasons for needing to take violin lessons at home. Contact me for more information if you are interested in this option!



"I have so much fun in our violin lessons. Thank you for teaching my lessons."
Student, 9 years old

"You are probably the most nicest teacher I have."
Student, 10 years old

"I thought Mrs. Ficquet was a great teacher!"
Student, 12 years old

"You are an amazing teacher!"
Student, 12 years old

"You are a great teacher and I am grateful that you taught me how to play, because I learned a ton from you... you have a lot of patience"
Student, 13 years old

"You were an amazing teacher, I've been playing violin for 3 years and I learned more from you than a lot of my other teachers."
Student, 14 years old

"There aren't words that can completely describe Mrs. Ficquet. Here are a few. Amazing, caring, loving, supportive, funny, intelligent, and perfect at teaching."
Student, 14 years old

"I absolutely loved having you as a teacher... I have learned so much and improved a lot!"
Student, 14 years old

"You are a great teacher and I appreciate everything that you have done to help me to grow in my violin skills... I learned more this year than I have the past two... Thank you for everything you have done, are doing, and will continue to do"
Student, 14 years old

"Thank you so much for being such a great teacher! You've taught me so much... you are so good at what you do!"
Student, 15 years old

"Thank you so much for being willing to take me on as a violin student, even though I had no musical background. You really have been the best teacher I could have hoped for! You challenged me and helped me grow tremendously."
Student, adult

"Tracy was always full of tips and suggestions on how to improve. She is indeed a very talented teacher!"
Student, adult

About Tracy Ficquet

Tracy Ficquet is a violinist and music educator in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has a Bachelor of Music degree with an emphasis in K-12 education from Brigham Young University and a MBA from Western Governor's University. She has played in the Salt Lake Symphony and the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra. She was originally trained in California by various teachers, including university professors from Russia and Ukraine. She has been performing solo violin in recitals and events from a young age, and enjoys bringing light and life to people through music. Tracy consistently receives comments about her playing such as "she plays violin like an angel," "you play beautifully," "you made my heart swell," "you have a gift with music," and "when you play, I can feel something."

A former classroom teacher, Tracy has taught orchestra and general music in public schools in Utah, Hawaii, and Idaho. She has taught all grade levels from 3rd - 12th grade, and has been employed by different elementary, middle, and high schools throughout her teaching career. Teaching teenagers is her specialty, although she has directed an orchestra for adults and has also volunteered with teaching music to children ages 3 -12. Music groups under Tracy's direction have consistently performed well and received high praise by educators and community members.

Tracy began teaching private violin lessons in 2005 to children, teenagers, and adults. She also began teaching violin lessons online through webcam in 2017. Using a well-rounded approach to teaching, her students are trained in technique, music theory, reading musical notation, playing by ear, and playing music from memory. With her intermediate and advanced students, she also places great emphasis on artistic mastery, musical communication, and expression of feeling. She carefully selects literature from the Suzuki method, pieces from the classical tradition, and from modern works to supplement her teaching. Of Tracy's teaching, students have said, “Tracy is an awesome teacher,” “Tracy’s teaching method was structured, efficient, and at the same time relaxed,” “she always challenged me, helping me past limitations I put on myself,” and "I have learned more in the past year than in the past 2 years [with another teacher]."

Tracy is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and enjoys playing hymns and other Christian melodies as part of her repertoire.

In addition to the violin, Tracy also plays flute and piano.


1. Tracy playing with the Utah Symphony at the Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City (upper left corner).
2. Taking a break before a performing at the grand opening of the Eccles Theatre with the Salt Lake Symphony.
3. Tracy conducting a youth symphony concert.



"Tracy is an able musician and violinist, with a performing ability that speaks for itself... [and] is a woman of the highest integrity and character"

"Tracy Ficquet is a very enthusiastic person and teacher"

"She was always so friendly and personable to work with!"

"I was immediately struck by her enthusiasm and management skills. She knows how to bring out the best in the group"

"Tracy's strengths and her experiences give her a strong breadth of knowledge and skill. One of her greatest advantages is her competency on a wide variety of instruments"

"Tracy took a program that had been left in disarray and turned it around. She is a hard and efficient worker"

"What I loved about your work is the anchoring in true music education. Your students were learning specific playing techniques [and] ear training ... They were also learning to be critical listeners. You were demanding and yet kind. You were interactive with colleagues and have a good sense of humor but are a focused worker"

"Tracy... [has] sound musical and pedagogical knowledge"

"She connects with the students and loves to teach them!"

"Mrs. Ficquet is a dedicated teacher... she is a team player"

"She is very upbeat and positive. She went above and beyond to support and encourage my kids to do their best. I have found that these days teachers like her are rare and we love and appreciate her so very much!"

"My daughter has learned a lot and really improved"

"[My daughter] has loved Mrs. Ficquet... Thank you for all you have done to teach her!"

"She is always full of energy and easy to collaborate with"